Welcome to the Table

Running for U.S. Congress, I witnessed how we as a nation are divided and saw the direct effects this is taking on our relationships and communities. We are in a world where the truth is obscured and our differences are creating divisions across every part of society in a way many of us have never experienced despite the fact that scientific data shows our world is experiencing greater progress in humanity than ever before.   The theme of my race was making space for everyone at the table and despite the outcome of my race, I am committed to continuing that work of healing the heart of this nation so we can work together and bring solutions to the issues that affect us all.

Growing up in a family of 12 kids and now having my own family, I know we work best and can overcome any challenge when we work together.   We had dinner every night at a big table...everyone was welcomed and we shared our gratitude and our ideas. We still continue that tradition with my own family and that image of a table with room for everyone is something that is possible for America.  

We are a nation so abundantly blessed and our diversity is what makes us strong and flourish.  Throughout our history, we have shown that our communities and our country are capable of great things when we work together and strive to reach our common ground.   We all long to have very similar things--we want to be loved, to feel safe and to live a life of meaning.  The image of the fingerprint heart represents that we all have a unique identity and yet by coming together, we have areas that connect and form the heart.

Civil discord is central to the survival of our democracy.  To be able to have this happen with the spirit of Grace is essential.  The process of dialogue is interactive listening to find the connections rather than just to express a point of view.  I learned about this process in my work with the Fetzer Institute as we worked to understand what it meant to build a community based on unconditional love, freedom, and wholeness.  This practice requires awareness and discipline to be open to receiving what is being shared rather than assuming we know.  Choosing to listen with the heart of understanding rather than a mind full of fear.  We can transform our world if we are willing to take a place at the table and join in the dialogue with each other.  

This community is dedicated to creating that space...that virtual table to bring ideas, inspiration, hope and breakthroughs on being together and finding a way to authentic happiness and a better world for all of us. 

Elizabeth Moro


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