the heart of the matter

One year ago, I publicly announced my candidacy for the U.S. Congress inspired by the courage of the patriots of the American Revolution which also started on this day in 1775. Believing the principles of our nation were under attack, I committed to becoming part of the solution. It wasn't my time to be in Congress.

There was another project evolving and I am excited about the work that weaves together all I have been doing throughout my four and a half decades of living and listening in dialogue with people. As one of twelve children, I can still hear my father say, "You all need to learn to get along."

We are a divided nation, and if there is anything I have learned on the trail, it is the power of dialogue with each other with the heart of compassion and truly hearing what is being said. We are all human beings who are longing to feel love, safety, and acceptance. Abraham Lincoln so rightly declared, “A house divided against itself cannot stand." We need to return to the Civil Discord which is at the heart of our democracy and invoke the Grace of the angels of our better nature.  If we are willing to take the steps and become vulnerable to discover our truths, we can become closer to a United-US. I hope you will join the dialogue.


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