creating the tidal wave of change

The Swiss psychoanalyst Carl Jung said, "what you resist persists and grows in size."  This reminds me of the frenzy on social media around all the issues we face today...the volume just seems to escalate and get worse.  People are empowered to call each other words that would never be spoken face to face.  Isn't it interesting what we create with the power of our ideas and images that are shared?  Human beings are social in nature and so we have a need to connect.  The discord we feel could quickly be shifted if we make conscious awareness of what we put out in the world and upon one another.  What would it be like to stop feeding fear and give love and beauty equal attention for one week?  Imagine what we can create together! Let's see if we can raise the energy and start a tidal wave with our words, images and writings...all it takes is a ripple to get started.


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